ID: User: Suggestion: Status: Description:
879 j___mk fix spotify command Unfinished
878 rexinus1 PLAAAY add bb stable, i want to use stable diffusion Unfinished
877 mrbarnabass remove the "anime" category from trivia ok Unfinished
876 woyahcoo make your own spotify platform and do botbear integration with it (now) Unfinished
875 tepx rewrite in rust Unfinished
874 j___mk fix your shit bot cunt Unfinished
873 minusinsanity feature to show most/less frequent emotes in a given channel. Unfinished
872 fawcan agree with previous suggestion Unfinished
871 minusinsanity test Unfinished
870 hbear___ Unfinished
869 maxdaxx piss and shit, yes? Unfinished
868 gorgug improve `bb pet` output by not repeating the same pet multiple times in a row Unfinished
867 unreleasedfromjailmate remove dota from trivia Unfinished
866 melon095 a bb emotes filter by certain emote providers. Example is bb emotes ffz:only which would only show ffz emotes that were recently added. Unfinished
865 swaybread add hi and bye commands Unfinished
864 starrabbit peepoTalkbutpeepoisnottalking TakingNotes HBear___ whats the next bb feature? Unfinished
863 swaybread cant you search 7tv for emotes and make that a new command bb emotesearch Unfinished
862 hackliin Names_Jeff1 is sexy flushE Unfinished
861 kryha5555 add command 'forsen' that will say forsen after using Unfinished
860 xdkaarim add a cutting dick command Unfinished
859 j___mk I'm over here stroking my dick I got lotion on my dick right now I'm just stroking my shit I'm horny as fuck man I'm a freak man like for real. Unfinished
858 xdkaarim get better trivia or im no longer triviaing Unfinished
857 xdkaarim off your bot Unfinished
856 rexinus1 Make bb mrp command for mass random ping :tf: Unfinished
855 zomballr seems bb emotes is outdated, says the last added emote was 2 weeks ago when i've added more since Unfinished
854 sheikh_djib0uti nymn get a sander/polisher for his deck Unfinished
853 hackliin Show on permanent subs when the next month will be reached nymnOk Unfinished
852 backous change wording on suomalainen verkkosivusto, joka tarjoaa käyttäjilleen mahdollisuuden keskustella ja vinkkejä erilaisiin elämänalueisiin. Sivustolla on tietoa muun muassa terveydestä, opiskelusta, työelämästä, raha-asioista ja vinkkejä erilaisiin elämänalueisiin. Sivustolla on letterboxd Unfinished
851 olleew change wording on spotify target command fail. from "That user has not allowed others to target them. Tell them to do: bb spotify allow" to "That user has not allowed others to target them. Ask them to type the command: bb spotify allow" Unfinished
850 swaybread t Unfinished
849 hotbear1110 do 7tv eventsub Unfinished
848 starrabbit lamontPls Unfinished
843 melon095 deez uts Unfinished
841 starrabbit make bb help us with hacking accounts it's urgent Unfinished
840 w_matty make it so the bot @s you when a suggestion is finished/trashed/added a new note nymnIme I didn't know most of the stuff was done before i checked the site LULE Unfinished
839 olleew add chat name color info (up to you what kind of info but at least hex info) Unfinished
838 mrastor fucking get a life docYell Unfinished
837 dagaugl bb spotify now that kb is dead 50% of the time Unfinished
836 starrabbit ignore that previous suggestion StarRabbit is a big dumb dumb Unfinished
835 feelsnymnge ignore that previous suggestion StarRabbit is a big dumb dumb Unfinished
834 airbrushgrenade ignore that previous suggestion StarRabbit is a big dumb dumb Unfinished
833 starrabbit do a stat counter like "kb stats" PauseChamp Unfinished
832 swaybread why does it update reminder when i rankup Unfinished
831 olleew add command 'channels' that lists all channels botbear is in Unfinished
830 swaybread im horny Unfinished
829 panwilson DROP DATABASE Unfinished
828 nuthurts ban duplicate suggestions Unfinished
827 gorgug replace tabs with spaces Unfinished
826 gorgug replace spaces with tabs Unfinished
825 metriz wow this feature is useful no one would abuse it Unfinished
824 swaybread let us rename commands Unfinished
823 starrabbit docL kiss0 HotBear1110 Unfinished
822 starrabbit put your hand facing away from overwatch picking up a sausage from the ref was against them LULE Unfinished
821 starrabbit put your hand facing forward and bankrupt video happE Unfinished
820 starrabbit put your hand facing forward and she has a soccer ban incident Unfinished
819 feelsnymnge put your hand facing forward and she has a soccer ban incident Unfinished
818 pt6sim don't put a donkTalk emote before botbear's ask answers Unfinished
817 feelsnymnge don't put a donkTalk emote before botbear's ask answers Unfinished
816 saketume put a donkTalk emote before botbear's ask answers ok Unfinished
815 swaybread with 7tv Unfinished
814 swaybread an emote search feature like kb es Unfinished
813 prismbuck blessrng make the bible command able to select quotes from specific chapters e.g. bb bible revelations Unfinished
812 quisl put dev commands to the bottom of the page because people who need to look up commands dont have access to dev commands anyway 4Head Unfinished
811 gatme nymnDank uh.. Unfinished
810 sotiris_ael also if you read this I VON ZULUL Unfinished
808 hotbear1110 bb emotecheck nymnBiggus doesn't work Unfinished
807 helltf forsen Unfinished
806 kaedtn the bot executes 'say' command in regards to trivia stop chatters abuse/spam it for hours on end FeelsGoodMan Unfinished
805 jozefbrzeczyszczykiewicz undefined Unfinished
804 tolatos bann all weeb emotes ok Unfinished
803 feelsnymnge help me Unfinished
802 tepx :tf: RAGEY Unfinished
801 tepx make markov cd 10 min across channel RAGEY Unfinished
800 hotbear1110 make bb markov channel: non case sensitive Finished done
799 markzynk make bb say replace / and . to not allow commands forsenThink Finished Clueless fixed
798 markzynk Unfinished
797 hotbear1110 YEAHBUT7TV fix chat commands with bb eval Unfinished
796 karl_mn remove all geography questions about the US Unfinished
795 sheikh_djib0uti remove multiple choice from trivia docYell DO IT NOW !!!!! Unfinished
794 fylkriitti discard previous suggest add morrowind trivia instead Unfinished
793 hotbear1110 fix domain in bb ask look for a library so you dont have to use the scuffed regex Unfinished
792 hotbear1110 DOCING trivia cooldown seems like its broken Unfinished
791 klav___ get some bitches for botbear Unfinished
790 unreleasedfromjailmate nvm W hotbear Unfinished
789 unreleasedfromjailmate remove cooldown on trivia Unfinished
788 unreleasedfromjailmate remove cooldown on trivia Unfinished
787 gempir me some classical music Unfinished
786 zneix make bb opt-in only or make it so you can blacklist your name. this is annoying as fuck Finished This is now a thing :)
785 mroll3 add unit conversion to bb ask Unfinished
784 torston The description for the bb yoda command is erroneously written as "speach" and not "speech" Unfinished
783 hottestbear can you make bb spam all the cat emotes too minusLevel Unfinished
782 hottestbear add a response for if you try to add the bot and you arent a mod/broadcaster Unfinished
781 melon095 The "got" module supports extending itself which allows for pre-applying a base url and extra authorization headers to the object this would clean up code and allow minial code duplication. Documentation: Unfinished
780 melon095 look into migrating twitch user-id into strings as they are defined as strings stated by devs Unfinished
779 sotiris_ael adding @botbear1110 as an alternative to bb prefix ok Unfinished
778 joshlad fix bb ask in hackliins channel already Bedge Unfinished
777 hottestbear bb emotecheck captai803Yesdaddy doesn't work Unfinished
776 hottestbear change a bunch if for loops to filters Unfinished
775 hottestbear make it so aliases work in help command Unfinished
774 hottestbear make it so i can remove aliases aswell Unfinished
773 hottestbear change a bunch of the loops to filters etc. Unfinished
772 hottestbear replace all "bb" in the code with the prefix variable Unfinished
771 sotiris_ael remove THIS Unfinished
770 hottestbear Unfinished
769 hottestbear bb delay seems to be broken Unfinished
768 dagaugi what melon095 just said Okayge Duplicate
767 melon095 Notify when a suggestion is done. Whispers? Unfinished
766 joshlad give me permission 2000 YESIDOTHINKSO Trashed noidontthinkso
765 littlescampi hotbear is a poopy head! Trashed Sadeg
764 starrabbit docL HottestBear Trashed
763 littlescampi pee pee poo poo peepoGiggles Trashed
762 hottestbear remake rq command so it uses same api endpoint as fl and ll. And so that i can filter out certain messages docOkay Finished Decided to change this a bit, so it just uses justlogs built in random line api endpoint
761 hottestbear make this a loop so it can look at multiple months also for lm Finished done
760 karl_mn remove the anime and manga category from trivia Trashed Already removed for trivia2 and i think its fine to have for the regular trivia
759 joshlad double down and add more dota questions Trashed no
758 hottestbear remove Dota questions from trivia2 Finished oke
757 hottestbear make a db entry for messange length limit and intergate it in to messages especially notifications docOkay Unfinished
756 yosefsaa7 fix the command list in forsen's chat Trashed Just get forsen to vip the bot loooooool
755 hottestbear ^ hastebin Unfinished
754 hottestbear fix hastening stuff (Should probably just do it on the website) Unfinished
753 hottestbear make it so bb emotes can take channels as an argument. Example: bb emotes #nymn. Same for bb removed Unfinished
752 hottestbear trivia cheat prevention numbers dont work Finished I think this works
751 hottestbear or like perm 1000 maybe Unfinished
750 hottestbear forsenLevel make bb admins able to use bb ask anywhere Unfinished
749 hottestbear do more suggestions Finished surely
748 uclissare make personal logs for karl_mn Trashed bruh
747 hottestbear add a name change command Unfinished
746 joshlad peepoTalkbutpeepoisnottalking Trashed
745 rarewomanocry connect dalle api TrollGlad Trashed nah, dalle mini is too scuffed imo and supibot already does this
744 hottestbear make more dank commands with this Unfinished
743 rarewomanocry add another joke to the ask alias FeelsOkayMan Trashed FeelsDankMan ?
742 swaybread make it so you can input emote and get its added and removed date Duplicate duplicate of suggestion 731
741 hottestbear change trivia points to be uid based Unfinished
740 hottestbear add namechange feature so people can transfer their points Unfinished
739 hottestbear peepoTalk do the stats about how much a cerain user uses bb ask Unfinished
738 hottestbear botbear3 - Add date timestamp aswell as unix timestamp to added/removed emotes in db Unfinished
737 xanabilek banphrase "there is no definitive answer" from the bot DOCING Trashed
736 occluder Trashed
735 hottestbear Clueless I think my twitch auth expired..... surely I will make a proper system for it Unfinished
734 hottestbear add banphrase bypass for commands with static responses/safe responses Finished I did this
733 hottestbear botbear3 - block users per command Unfinished
732 hottestbear maybe expand suggestion 731 to be able to search for all emotes on 7tv/bttv/ffz and just say if the emote has been in the channel before eShrug or something like that Unfinished
731 hottestbear search functionality for removed emotes eg. bb search 2TIME would respond: 2TIME was a 7tv emote it was removed this many days ago etc. Unfinished
730 daappr add a command to reply with a random forsen line Unfinished
729 saketume FeelsDankMan Error Trashed
728 hottestbear bb re is broken eShrug Finished works?
727 hottestbear disable dota questions in trivia2 Finished oke
726 melon095 use rather than the current TMI connector in botbear 3. Unfinished
725 hottestbear start on a "roadmap"/pseudocode for botbear3 Okayge Unfinished
724 hottestbear add functionality for people to get pinged abour live/title/category notifications in their own chat Unfinished
723 hottestbear so you can add aliases to aliases (make aliases work in the bb add alias command) Unfinished
722 hottestbear make a message length cap for all chats and add functionality to opt in to posting multiple messages if text is too long Unfinished
721 mxtty_69 alias yourmom command to yourmum for us british peeps 3Head Finished the bot will just output whatever you type i guess
720 melon095 Support multiple justlog instances for rl and rq command. Unfinished
719 melon095 verify that there is a justlog instance in the requested channel. justlog returns a 404 statuscode if there is none. currently it says "That user does not exist". Unfinished
718 xanabilek cock Okayge Trashed
717 hottestbear make it so people can opt out of takideezy I will remind you to eat your cookie in 2 hours nymnOkay same with the cdr response ø Unfinished
716 testguy5 Trashed Cute catge
715 melon095 time command. Fetch clock and date around the world. Example API ( (Big Challenge) +100 points peepoPag Unfinished
714 rrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexxx make it illegal for botbear1110 to say there is no definitive answer forsenSWA Trashed no :tf:
713 rrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexxx also CUM Trashed
712 rrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexxx Nime make botbear1110 say how much cooldown is left when you try bb ask too soon Unfinished
711 quisl "bb fl lirik" returns a subgift by someone else Finished PagMan I just fixed this
710 hottestbear make it so broadcasters/mods can change the cooldown of every command Unfinished
709 melon095 whoops pressed enter key continuation of #708 . Do this to save broadband there's no need to fetch logs if you're gonna get a response which is bb lastline Finished ok
708 melon095 Doing lastline (ll) command on yourself should say "Im looking at you right now :) !" Or something similar ) Finished ok
707 cheezeburgerstick let me spam the bot BabyRage Trashed no :)
706 joshlad if your bot replies with "there is no right or wrong" then make it ask again Madge Trashed Nime no
705 melon095 streaminfo (si) command. Displays info regarding a users stream show information such as uptime | view count | title | tags. etc. Unfinished
704 joshlad give me 0cd on bb ask because i am special Okayge Trashed
703 azazaryi add golden kappa check by user id Trashed I looked it to this some time ago, it could be doable, but it seems like the script is outdated anyway from wat i've seen
702 testguy5 Trashed
701 melon095 YOURM0M command shows YOURM0M or YOURMOM according to what command/alias what used. Finished done
700 21mtd 700 PagMan Trashed
699 hottestbear bb help trivia2 shows wrong cd Trashed I will handle this bymaking every command cooldown costumizable by mods/broadcasters ref. ID 710
698 swaybread on answering trivia correct display users score Unfinished
697 melon095 Create a similar reminder system as !cookie (?cookie) (thepositivebot). But this time +ed [HuwoBot]( PauseManSit Unfinished
696 hottestbear make more aliases in #botbear1110 for joining a channel Unfinished
695 hottestbear starwars trivia for tomorrow Trashed Clueless
694 mxtty_69 make the bot whisper you the response if its banphrased Unfinished
693 hottestbear add a command that shows the current category Unfinished
692 dany411 remove all the movie actors and musician questions nobody ever gets them Unfinished
691 sotiris_ael if hotbear reads this i von ZULUL Trashed docnotL you von
690 swaybread "I pissed and shat and came on ..." Trashed HUH
689 hottestbear add the cdr mode text to the register response Trashed
688 hottestbear fix p-bot self pings Finished
687 melon095 aliases does not work on the code command PepeForsenLookingAtYouDankSit Duplicate
686 melon095 aliases does not work on the code command PepeForsenLookingAtYouDankSit Unfinished
685 mxtty_69 website for recently added emotes Unfinished
684 ja77man__ fix "registering/unregitering" to "regitering/unregitering" Okayeg 👍 Duplicate
683 xx__hooooootbear1110___xx fix "registering/unregitering" in "bb cookie" response Finished
682 xx__hooooootbear1110___xx fix cpu percent on bb botstats Finished
681 melon095 FeelsDankMan I never knew your bot was so optimized it only used 1.2MB of RAM. According to the botstats command. Unhandled Clueless it's not
680 melon095 Show the per user cooldown on commands on the help command and on the website! Finished ok
679 otk_dagoogle MAL api quickly add animes to your list OkayChamp Unfinished
678 rexinus1 Okagye add a stalk command Unfinished
677 melon095 emotecheck command should show 7tv emotes who added it to the channel. Unfinished
676 xx__hooooootbear1110___xx make responses for if banphrase api cant be rached when changing it and when doing bb ping Unfinished
675 xx__hooooootbear1110___xx have a backup for if a channel pajbot api is down Finished done
674 mxtty_69 for cookie announcements to go to whispers if the channel has notifications off or the channel is live Unhandled I really want to do this, but I can't cause of twitch, the bot can send whispers to max 40 different users a day...
673 melon095 dictionary lookup command Unfinished
672 persemieskulta your mom Trashed
671 persemieskulta Trashed
670 xx__hooooootbear1110___xx eventAPI for 7tv Unfinished
669 xx__hooooootbear1110___xx fix trialling space comma dot etc. on trivia2 answers Finished Fixed spaces for now, will also look at other symbols if it remains an issue
668 xx__hooooootbear1110___xx fix pagnation on deletesubs Finished
667 sotiris_ael if you read this i von ZULUL Trashed
666 asaad_9 randomping doesnt ping forsen nymnIme Trashed
665 ezborisee make an afk command like shower but for sauna Unfinished
664 swaybread add a random YOURM0M ping Finished ok
663 stephanbruh create a ' my' suggestions shortcut Okayeg Unfinished
662 melon095 port over to typescript Weirdga TeaTime Duplicate
661 rexinus1 Don't do whatever the last suggestion is. -Hotbear1110 Trashed TrollGlad no
660 xx__hooooootbear1110___xx make it so you cant cheat the trivia with bb ask Finished yep yep
659 stephanbruh show what api timesout Unfinished
658 nm_lrak if hotbear sees this i von and he has to play elden ring peepoTalk Trashed peepoTalk no
657 okayeg_watertime make something with the trakt api for movies and tv shows eShrug Unfinished
656 mxtty_69 Make command "Bb ecount " and it tell you how many times the emote's been used in chat might be worth adding a bb emote refresh so it can tell too Unfinished
655 sotiris_ael adding a whisper option when a streamer goes live Trashed I wont do this cause of twitch stupid whisper rate limits
654 xx__hooooootbear1110___xx make the bot auto start on boot and also do so cookies don't spam after bot being down for a while Finished done
653 xx__hooooootbear1110___xx uid command is still broken "bb uid SlavaUkrainiBot" Finished fixed
652 melon095 random emote command like supibot Okayeg Finished Okayeg done
651 xx__hooooootbear1110___xx do so I can restart the bot and git pull from chat Trashed not really needed
650 xx__hooooootbear1110___xx fix the name if enablenewcommands Finished ok
649 qu0te_if_forsen_threw Can you make it so when doing emotecheck for sub emotes it shows the date the emote was added? FeelsDankMan Trashed Hmm not really, since I would have to track that for every channel
648 rexinus1 Madge make randomping work with "bb rp" Finished done
647 ollesan horoscope is not working Trashed eShrug seems to work fine
646 sotiris_ael make bb google that returns the google search Trashed NOIDINTTHINKSO
645 sotiris_ael check 3 pulls Trashed FeelsDankMan what
644 sotiris_ael make DB documentation so i know what on earth im query'ing for FeelsDankMan Finished I did :)
643 xx__hooooootbear1110___xx change hell response on the trivia commands since the cd is dependent on the channel Finished yes
642 xx__hooooootbear1110___xx add an "all" variable to notify Finished VeryPog Sotiris did that :()()(
641 sotiris_ael give me db access TrollGlad Finished TrollGlad
640 xx__hooooootbear1110___xx make own script that manually connects to all the channels so its done faster Unfinished
639 xx__hooooootbear1110___xx add a usage description for the commands that will also show up on the website and in the help commands Unfinished
638 xx__hooooootbear1110___xx make a reconnect command that makes the bot leave and join a chat without deleting the db entry Finished done
637 qdtn bb replies with "FeelsDankMan banphrase error!!" with every command i try peepoSad Unhandled I'm not 100% sure what caused this, but i think its fixed
636 mrbarnabass bb is going ham again in yabbe and elina chat Unhandled Fixed?
635 swaybread do math Unfinished
634 swaybread hi hotbear Trashed
633 ivanlover88 reduce the cooldown weirdchamp Trashed
632 mrbarnabass bot malfunctioned in elina chat it pinged 3 times for a single category change then got timed out for 1 day since it didnt stop Duplicate
631 mrbarnabass bot malfunctioned in elina chat it pinged 3 times for a single category change then got timed out for 1 day since it didnt stop Duplicate
630 mrbarnabass bot malfunctioned in elina chat it pinged 3 times for a single category change then got timed out for 1 day since it didnt stop Duplicate
629 xx__hooooootbear1110___xx make it so the reminders dont trigger if the bot has been down for a while Finished This should not happen anymore
628 hackliin change that bb doesnt do a centrist take like "it could be or it couldnt be" when using the ask command its boring af and not BASED Trashed
627 xx__hooooootbear1110___xx Susge Finished This is fixed
626 xx__hooooootbear1110___xx change how internal delay is messured right now it doesnt account for the banphrase checks Finished Internal delay is now more accuarte
625 xx__hooooootbear1110___xx make botbear auto leave channels its banned in and maybe save some info about the channel etc. Unfinished
624 xx__hooooootbear1110___xx Clueless start making botbear3 Unfinished
623 qdtn "bb trivia" command might be bugged because it only says "F" Binoculars Duplicate
622 sotiris_ael if hotbear sees this vi von ZULUL Trashed
621 sotiris_ael why is bb BRUH enabled in forsens chat but not in nymns Bruhge ???? Trashed eShrug idk, i just dont like the command that much
620 qdtn description of "emotecount" has a misspelled word the word in question is "emtoes" peepoZoom Finished Fixed
619 hotbear1110 FailFish live notifications etc. are getting checked for mass pings Finished Fixed
618 hotbear1110 remake how enabled/disabled commands are shown when typing bb commands Unfinished
617 mxtty_69 live tweets (like what fossabot and pajbot has) that automatically post when someone has tweeted Unfinished
616 tepidp when emotes get added notify it veiNODDERS Unfinished
615 hotbear1110 make the local commands show up if anything is disbled and you just use bb commands Trashed Will just remake the command
614 sotiris_ael changing the bbcookie whisper to give you an overview and setting on/off commands instead of the current toggle which is confusing to some donks apparently FeelsDankMan Finished done
613 rarewomanocry cock Unhandled
612 melon095 let me edit suggestions Okayge 👍 Trashed no :) make a new one
611 melon095 command V Unhandled
610 melon095 show who owns the emote prefix Okayge 👍 Trashed eShrug
609 hotbear1110 allow mods/broadcasters to change the bot prefix in their chat Unfinished
608 foretack enable bb ask in minus NOW Madge Duplicate
607 melon095 nymnOh I Don't want to get notified in whispers whenever my cookie is ready and the streamer is live. Let me disable this. Duplicate
606 melon095 nymnOh I Don't want to get notified in whispers whenever my cookie is ready and the streamer is live. Let me disable this. Finished You can change this now
605 melon095 filter out U+E0000 (What chatterino adds to the message to allow spam) Finished I do this
604 backous bring back "ask" command NOW Madge Unhandled
603 swaybread fix bb ask its all i live for Unhandled
602 ivanlover88 deez nuts lmfao Unhandled
601 jervcake Unhandled
600 saketume YEAHBUTBTTV some sort of olympic command with new medals & total medals per country Unfinished
599 melon095 trivia2 let me filter like egsbot PogO Unfinished
598 foretack enable bb ask in minusinsanity's channel FeelsWeirdMan Unhandled Will add it to all channels again when i have time
597 ollesan addcmd botsubs ( ) Unfinished
596 melon095 let me opt out of updated your reminder cookie Unfinished
595 yosefsaa7 fix the commands link in forsen's chat Trashed
594 hotbear1110 FeelsStrongMan make cookie and cdr reminders available in whispers and also suggestion responses Finished done
593 ezborisee make a command that gives good suggestions to submit for bb suggest Unhandled
592 swaybread ignore last suggestion Unhandled
591 backous add "ask" back NOW Madge Unhandled
590 swaybread hangman Unfinished
589 melon095 "bb help channel" 17:30 botbear1110: melon095 FeelsDankMan Sql error: undefined Finished works?
588 melon095 peepoTalk trivia don't tell me that there is a trivia if there is no trivia. Unhandled
587 hotbear1110 fix help Duplicate
586 airbrushgrenade add a wordle like feature to the bot Trashed pepeW wordle
585 swaybread typing ?rank makes botbear say "I updated your reminder and will remind you to eat your cookie in 2 hours nymnOkay " Finished Fixed the issue
584 swaybread add more stuff Trashed Like what?
583 mrbarnabass enable bb ask Madge Trashed Not yet
582 mxtty_69 make commands not case sensitive Finished Done
581 mxtty_69 spotify api (a little bit like kb spotify) Unfinished
580 melon095 exclude dota questions nymnOh Trashed Wont do this, but might add a feature to specify categories in the future
579 hotbear1110 do so hints add time Duplicate
578 hotbear1110 make looking for name changes a loop Trashed
577 melon095 trivia2 randomly just says F no "(trivia) Question: " first just an F. the answer is always 'e'. Unhandled idk
576 melon095 trivia2. haHAA Remove trailing spaces haHAA Duplicate
575 saketume finding trivia questions that aren't what did obscure voice artist for obscure character in obscure game do on april the 4th 1997 so maybe someone can guess the right answer some time Trashed HUH
574 melon095 4WeirdBusiness trivia2 let me exclude categories Duplicate
573 dagaugl maybe change the name of the ask command to ai or something like that as its not limited to ask questions Trashed I think it's fine
572 rarewomanocry add bruh alias back FeelsWeirdMan Trashed no
571 melon095 trivia2 exclude k-pop DansGame Duplicate
570 saketume do we really need to see who started the trivia? can't you shorten the message to just the question? Finished DONE
569 melon095 trivia2 let me exclude questions like dota PogO Duplicate
568 cairoxo ignore those its working now ppL Trashed
567 cairoxo all the bot says in my chat is " FeelsDankMan banphrase error!!" Trashed
566 cairoxo bot broken in my chat Trashed
565 melon095 trivia2 should not say "Do "bb hint" if you are nab and need a hint!" If there are no hints minust1Okay Finished
564 swaybread update bb Trashed
563 swaybread add more poro Trashed
562 alcoholic_gorilla put 1h cooldown per user on every command 4Weird Trashed no :)
561 foretack put cooldown on bb ask Okayge Finished
560 foretack reminders still fire up with "bb offlineonly" Finished This is now in whispers
559 foretack fix Trashed This couldn'y be replicated
558 saketume trivia makes us write all answers with numbers in roman numerals Trashed
557 melon095 trivia2 forsenWeird (8:55 botbear1110: (Trivia) melon095 Hint: There are no hints ) Trashed :tf:
556 hotbear1110 do so users can specify and exclude categories in trivia2 Unfinished
555 melon095 rewrite the bot PogO Unfinished
554 tepidp comand to show all users active subs Unfinished
553 hotbear1110 maybe discord webhooks? Unfinished
552 swaybread why the fuck does your stupid bot bear commands not work with caps FailFish Finished They do now
551 hotbear1110 fix the damn help command it sucks. make a new one Unfinished
550 swaybread cum Trashed
549 foretack add customtrivia3 FeelsOkayMan Finished Added the trivia, command is called "trivia2", it's still work in progress tho
548 rexinus1 Add a social credit command like ?iq but for social credit XiJinNymN Unfinished
547 melon095 optional* BloodTrail Unhandled
546 melon095 vodtime command use channel name rather than vod link which would just show the latest vod BloodTrail Finished It's already a command. it's called vodsearch
545 hackliin add birthday command to store and congratulate birthdays FeelsBirthdayMan Unfinished
544 foretack some sort of $unping thing that puts a special character in your name so the bot doesn't ping you (cookie/stream notifications unaffected) Unfinished
543 21mtd H Trashed
542 hotbear1110 make trivia cooldown per user and longer Trashed nah
541 hteamyes FeelsOkayMan cvMask Trashed
540 azazaryi make a notepad for users to take notes or dues Unfinished
539 hotbear1110 look at the message handler seems to be a bit buggy Finished idk. seems fine
538 hotbear1110 add "which of following" to the trivia Finished done
537 foretack potentially disable cookie reminders while the streeam is online? Finished
536 hotbear1110 bbgametime xqcow doesn't work for some reason Trashed seems to work
535 hotbear1110 for cdr and cookie reminders maybe try making the bot check the timestamps in database and creating schedules for them when it starts up Unfinished
534 karl_mn put a small cooldown on when you can answer the trivia so h_h410 can stop answering every fucking question Madge Trashed no
533 mrbarnabass make a command that tells how many hours and what % of react is in the current forsen stream (if foren offline how many it was in the previous stream) Trashed Would have to make a whole new module for it, idk about that.
532 rarewomanocry add BRUH alias back nymnWeird Trashed
531 rarewomanocry Trashed
530 alcoholic_gorilla transfer your bot to a server with more stable internet PogO Trashed its fine Copege
529 alcoholic_gorilla fix your scuffed programing PogO Trashed
528 tepidp add the begging of the logging day WideNokey WideTeaTime Trashed Can't do that, since i dont host the logs
527 tepidp add secons on vodsearch Okayeg Trashed idk. I dont think people need to be that specific. Just scrub arround in the vod
526 hotbear1110 add time to the trivia timeout when a hint is used Unfinished
525 hackliin bb say ?cookie doesnt work peepoRiot fix DinkDonk Trashed That is intentional
524 melon095 league command Unfinished
523 mrbarnabass nevermind suggestion ID 520 it works now FeelsDankMan 👍 Trashed
522 yerdesh CUM Trashed
521 hamnomc64 fartt Trashed
520 mrbarnabass cant do bb notify in elinas channel Trashed
519 tepidp add a Google command peepoTalkbutpeepoisnottalkingandweird Trashed Nah, other bots can already do this, and i don't feel like linking potential bad links
518 hotbear1110 make some sort of emote counter so the bot doesnt get timed out in forsens chat Finished This works now, turns out there was a bug with the pb2 banphrase api
517 foretack if channel doesnt have the BRUH emote use nymnBRUH instead FeelsDankMan Trashed no
516 backous i wasted 5 seconds of your time :tf: Trashed
515 hotbear1110 make bb code work with aliases Unfinished
514 hotbear1110 make botbear post in here when suggestions are done. Untill i get whispers Trashed
513 melon095 emphazise the emote source better rather than it just saying 'emote' 7tv minust1Okay Trashed This "feature" was a bug
512 hotbear1110 make a setting for spamming notifications really fast in chats where the bot is mod/vip Unfinished
511 melon095 Create a queue for cookie messages if you can predict or you know that the user will enter !cdr and then !cookie again you should not send out the message that the cdr is ready but instead only the last cookie message after !cdr minust1Okay Trashed Maybe, I will look at it when i get whispers and then change how it works a bit
510 foretack add banphrase api for #mande Finished Done
509 hotbear1110 make it so mods can ban people from using certain commands Unfinished
508 tepidp test TrollGlad Trashed
507 hotbear1110 test Finished
506 backous add nymnBB as a prefix Trashed
505 foretack use redis Stare Duplicate
504 melon095 bb emotes filter out newly renewed 0width emotes. Trashed This should not happen, after anatole changes how the api response is
503 melon095 reminder thingy like supibot. Trashed I would need own logs, maybe in the future
502 hteamyes :tf: 🤜 🔔 HotBear1110 Trashed
501 rarewomanocry monkaStare Trashed
500 melon095 WideHardo Trashed
499 tepidp elisDespair Trashed
498 dertebe THIS Trashed
497 melon095 WideHardo Trashed
496 tepidp let's make it to 500 TrollGlad Trashed
495 hotbear1110 emotes command is broken at page 3-4ish Trashed This was never broken
494 hotbear1110 Unfinished
493 hotbear1110 make a list/website for channels botbear is in Unfinished
492 hotbear1110 make botbear queue up messages so everything gets sent Trashed done
491 alyhand contribute to my github or i will be entering your walls (i will remain there) Trashed monkaS but idk what to do
490 melon095 spam command type out the message an x amount of times minust1Okay Trashed Nah, seems like a useless command imo
489 foretack ignore alicksU's suggestion it is a dupilcate Trashed
488 rsyf I also recommend you to fix this little error "rsyf is not subbed to #rsyf but has been previously for a total of undefined months! Sub ended 0s ago" for example this user is hiding his subscription or the channel has no affiliate Finished Done
487 alicksu bb movie for random IMDB top 250 movie suggestion NOW Madge Duplicate
486 rsyf I recommend that you use this api better for the followcount command Unfinished
485 dagaugl bb movie for random IMDB top 250 movie suggestion NOW Madge Duplicate
484 karl_mn if hotbear sees this i von and he has to make nymn shove a cactus up his ass ZULOL Trashed
483 mrbarnabass add !dayoff and !weekoff in nymnion chat FeelsOkayMan Trashed Some of those has been added, but it has nothing to do with this bot
482 saketume trivia bot wants answers beginning with . Trashed eShrug
481 hotbear1110 make a command for checking if a person is in chat rn Trashed
480 melon095 trivia cooldown counter is incrementing rather than going down as expected. Finished Think this works now
479 hackliin sub botbear1110 to sodapoppin so i can use soda emotes with bb Okayge HotBear1110 DinkDonk Trashed no
478 hotbear1110 fix bb code when no input[2] Finished works
477 airbrushgrenade add sorting and filtering to suggest list Unfinished
476 saketume remove trivia question "Which of these is NOT a province in China?" banned hint and all Trashed
475 hotbear1110 nymnD Unhandled
474 hotbear1110 there are rare cases where there are both a 3rd party and a twitch emote with the same name fix responses for those Unfinished
473 hotbear1110 fix space at the end of some trivia answers Duplicate
472 melon095 disable cookie notification when live. and tell me when he's offline again FeelsOkayMan Trashed This is now handled in whispers
471 durrrsen "Correct! You won the trivia! The correct answer was "Hispania "! " remove space Duplicate
470 hackliin a reminder for the cookie cdr you can activate peepoHappy 🍪 Finished
469 melon095 commands command points to wrong website Trashed
468 alyhand remove the similarity percentage from response in trivia if its at 100% Unfinished
467 hackliin ILUVU HotBear1110 <3 Trashed
466 tepidp TrollGlad Trashed
465 hotbear1110 make more aliases Finished done
464 hotbear1110 make an offline only option Finished done
463 hteamyes :tf: 🤜 🔔 Trashed
462 hteamyes :tf: 🤜 🔔 Trashed
461 hteamyes bb fuck Trashed
460 hotbear1110 fix uid for people with numbers as name Finished
459 phant0mblades peepoSwing Trashed
458 alcoholic_gorilla get to work on the suggestion list or the board will fire you 4WeirdBusiness Trashed
457 backous :tf: I have no suggestion Trashed
456 foretack give the bot a pfp VeryPog Finished done
455 hotbear1110 be able to disable suggest Trashed
454 hteamyes :tf: 🤜 🔔 Trashed
453 karl_mn if hotbear sees this for the second time i von again ZULOL Trashed
452 saketume remove all the exact date trivia questions Madge do it! DOOOOO IIIIT Trashed
451 foretack remove bb dogs Trashed
450 mentiofficial move to typescript Trashed
449 melon095 allow trivia answer which has number formatted as string be answered correctly by the equivavilent number of that string. Finished This works now
448 swaybread bb nc ? Duplicate
447 swaybread do math Unfinished
446 mrbarnabass add command to translate text from:[swedish cat pengiun] to english but always return with a banphrase error nymnBRUH Trashed
445 alcoholic_gorilla make the trivia cd 1 hour 4WeirdBusiness Trashed
444 hotbear1110 add 7tv/bttv/ffz tags for emotes in the database Finished ok
443 foretack forsenThink what if we had a command that is similar to supibot's $cookie but costed points (and maybe few hours of cooldown) instead of once per day usage Unfinished
442 backous just filling up the queue with nothing :tf: problem hotbear? Trashed
441 dany411 fix it Trashed
440 melon095 Spotify song request peepoPog Trashed
439 iamgrootyeehaw remove anime section DansGame Trashed
438 durrrsen steal funfacts from melonbot Unfinished
437 durrrsen remove all call of duty: zombies questions Trashed
436 durrrsen remove anime and manga category Trashed
435 durrrsen fix botbear spazing out when a mod circumvents the cooldown FEELSWAYTOODONKMAN Finished
434 foretack remove bb dogs Trashed
433 alcoholic_gorilla disable trivia 4WeirdBusiness Trashed
432 hotbear1110 fix response when user doesn't exist Trashed
431 durrrsen (trivia) add hints if question starts with "Of the following" Finished
430 melon095 spotify command Trashed
429 melon095 spotify command Trashed
428 melon095 stop the bot from fucking up current trivia if the cooldown is too low Madge Finished
427 pulshly fix THIS Trashed
426 hotbear1110 fix hints for trivia when there is no cd Finished
425 stephanbruh bb points tags you twice 😐 Finished
424 durrrsen remove questions about mccree they're outdated Trashed
423 melon095 global trivia leaderboard. Unfinished
422 melon095 answers which are very close to eachother should not have the 'similarity' as it essentially allows the user to answer wrong but still get the answer correct; For example: type: Haplogroup L. Answer: Haplogroup U Unfinished
421 melon095 fix that a old already completed trivia gets 'timed out'. Which in return results in the current running but different trivia to be discarede. Finished
420 mrolle_ coinflip Finished Done
419 stephanbruh fix yo modcheck Trashed
418 dany411 ban the 'im XY' years old phrase from the 'bb say' command to not get your bot into trouble again Trashed Clueless surely it wont happen again
417 durrrsen Question: Which is the largest freshwater lake in the world? // The correct answer was "Lake Superior "! (92.85% similarity) ---- answer includes space Unfinished
416 swaybread trivia bot breaks when moderator overrides cooldown Finished This works now
415 quelt remove anime category from trivias FeelsOkayMan Trashed Will make it so you can specify/exclude categories when i have time
414 terrabuck THIS Unhandled
413 swaybread Pepege Unhandled
412 swaybread case insensitivity when calling bot "Bb bB BB" doesnt work Okayge Finished Works now
411 bandy_j Reminders! Unfinished
410 mrbarnabass there should be some sort of communication back to the user after a suggestion has been processed like a reminder or twitch dm: suggesiton [id] rejected reason: thats stupid FeelsDankMan Unfinished
409 melon095 trivia channel specific cooldown Finished You can now specify the cooldown in each chat
408 alyhand add cbt command that gives you random cbt technique from source Unfinished
407 melon095 pipe Unfinished
406 durrrsen when two people type 'bb trivia' at the same time the bot just skips the question Trashed
405 saketume command to list current holidays in different countries Unfinished
404 durrrsen "(Trivia) durrrsen Hint: .png | .gif | .jpeg | .svg" I can't type the answers FeelsDonkMan Trashed
403 sotiris_ael On which GTA have the same setting you can answer wrong (IV and SA) and it counts as correct which is (V and SA) Duplicate
402 quelt FeelsDonkMan i dont think this is a shiba nymnAww Trashed
401 mrbarnabass add to trivia -> What happened on June 4 1989 in China? Correct answer: nothing Finished
400 foretack now make a bb AREYOUAGIRL Trashed
399 mxtty_69 Add spotify api command like ksyncbot FeelsDankMan 👍 Trashed
398 hotbear1110 make a command that gives a link to the channel logs Unfinished
397 tepidp make a AREYOUAGIRL command just like BRUH command Trashed
396 hotbear1110 fix namechanges for users in my db Finished
395 backous cum tributes Trashed
394 alcoholic_gorilla THIS Trashed
393 mrbarnabass if an emote is removed it shouldnt show up when typing bb emotes Trashed
392 durrrsen remove all "call of duties: zombies" questions Trashed
391 sotiris_ael add a "bb BRUH username" to conduct the BRUH checks since supi is FeelsBadMan Finished
390 durrrsen (trivia) add hints with phrase "which one of the following" Finished
389 melon095 math command using math.js Duplicate
388 dagaugl change the is to was in this trivia question: Who is the primary lyricist for Canadian progressive rock band Rush? Sadeg Trashed
387 melon095 origin command use su pi api. Unfinished
386 tepidp exclude bb rl -rl and such to show in bb rl elisYes I'm tepid if isn't not clear Trashed
385 mrbarnabass pulshly: 5 hours 23:56 botbear1110: (Trivia) pulshly Correct! You won the trivia! The correct answer was "8 hours"! (85.71% similarity) OMGScoots You get +1071 points Trashed
384 melon095 funfact Duplicate
383 melon095 ThePositiveBot reminder to do ?cdr Okayge Finished
382 melon095 let me gachiroll for slots peepoPag Trashed
381 backous add reminders Okayge Trashed
380 hotbear1110 look in to redis for logging messages etc. Unfinished
379 melon095 PoroSad Just do my mother already. Trashed
378 emptyfjeld FeelsDankMan maybe this too Unfinished
377 emptyfjeld crayonTime FeelsDonkMan bb define Unfinished
376 dagaugl build your own supibot until og is unbanned Trashed
375 mrbarnabass implement reminders DinkDonk Trashed
374 hotbear1110 look at why cookie reminders are broken Finished
373 hotbear1110 add roulette duels and a shop for the trivia points Unfinished
372 hotbear1110 make a random forsen quote command Unfinished
371 hotbear1110 add "all of the following" to trivia Finished
370 hotbear1110 add a max length for rq's etc. so the time ago doesn't get cut off Finished
369 quelt PogO i typed the answer about the sealand question but the trivia doesnt recognise the answer because there is a "the " in the answer Trashed
368 hotbear1110 make the disable command disable looped events like titlechange etc. Finished
367 melon095 lower points if the trivia reveal answers imediately Finished
366 quelt make specific categories in trivia like example: ( bb trivia geography ) Finished
365 hackliin we do a little trolling :tf: Trashed
364 quelt Okayeg make the answer less hard to type on trivia Finished
363 lobo_yv deez nuts Trashed
362 cheezeburgerstick how about THIS hint Trashed
361 melon095 im nab Okayeg gives hint. Trashed
360 hotbear1110 with the "which of the following" trivia questions you shoulnd't get x2 points Finished
359 alcoholic_gorilla make the trivia cd longer 4WeirdBusiness Trashed
358 hotbear1110 make a leaderboard for the trivia points Finished
357 hotbear1110 maybe make the trivia points channel specific Finished
356 alcoholic_gorilla make the trivia cd 3 days 4WeirdBusiness Unhandled
355 quelt make a way to start a trivia in a specific category like example:( bb trivia science ) Finished
354 sotiris_ael how is this a cat Hmm Trashed
353 melon095 FeelsDonkMan remove a few numbers on similarity Finished
352 dagaugl make bb boobs Lamonting Trashed
351 smuuuuuuuuurf make bb hamster nymnAww Trashed
350 airbrushgrenade is there a cooldown on bb suggest now? FeelsDankMan Trashed
349 airbrushgrenade is there a cooldown on bb suggest now? FeelsDankMan Trashed
348 hotbear1110 vodtime is broken because of the daylight savings just do proper conversion Trashed
347 hotbear1110 vodtime is broken because of the daylight savings just do proper conversion Finished
346 melon095 code command. like supibot Finished
345 sausey__ add a bb suggestions command so we can see the suggestions too :) Duplicate
344 sotiris_ael THIS Trashed
343 supibot hi Trashed
342 alcoholic_gorilla find out who was suggestion number 69 and award that guy Trashed
341 backous ILUVU hotbear Trashed
340 sausey__ FeelsGoodMan Clap road to 420 Trashed
339 sausey__ FeelsGoodMan Clap road to 420 Trashed
338 sausey__ FeelsGoodMan Clap road to 420 Trashed
337 yerdesh TeaTime FeelsDankMan Trashed
336 taste_u 334 :tf: Trashed
335 alcoholic_gorilla erase denmark OkayChamp Trashed
333 swaybread can you do an emote search that includes 7tv? peepoShy Unfinished
332 melon095 emotesearch 🔔 Duplicate
331 lobo_yv yourmom Trashed
330 lobo_yv deez nuts Trashed
329 rexinus1 TrollGlad remove every weeb trivia question no matter what everyone else tells you Trashed
328 froglin_ Trashed
327 airbrushgrenade add a cooldown to bb suggest Trashed
326 airbrushgrenade add a cooldown to bb suggest Trashed
325 swaybread TrollGlad Trashed
324 hotbear1110 forsenInsane Trashed
323 hotbear1110 forsenInsane Trashed
322 hotbear1110 forsenInsane Trashed
321 hotbear1110 forsenInsane Trashed
320 hotbear1110 forsenInsane Trashed
319 hotbear1110 forsenInsane Trashed
318 hotbear1110 forsenInsane Trashed
317 hotbear1110 forsenInsane Trashed
316 hotbear1110 forsenInsane Trashed
315 hotbear1110 forsenInsane Trashed
314 froglin_ Trashed
313 melon095 peepoSad Do my mom already Trashed
312 dagaugl dont remove any weeb related trivia questions Okayge Trashed
311 alcoholic_gorilla make the trivia cd longer Trashed
310 airbrushgrenade remove any weeb related trivia questions Trashed
309 durrrsen exclude category command Trashed
308 karl_mn if hotbear sees this i von ZULOL Trashed
307 joahim83 pepeW Just fuck my mom already Trashed
306 durrrsen don't add "which" keyword to show hints. "which of these" is enough NymNLookingAtYou Finished
305 joahim83 'bb trivia add "which" keyword to show hints nymnThink' Finished
304 hotbear1110 add "which of the following" to the trivia thing Finished
303 joahim83 some sort of google command. for example 'bb google how old is forsen' and will return something like 'forsen is 31 years old' Trashed Dont want to do this, could return nsfw shit and other bots already do this
302 durrrsen shorten the trivia cooldown by a few seconds each day nobody will notice Suskayge Trashed
301 saketume imdb search like the wiki function Unfinished
300 h3rrro when you type "bb hug me" bb hugs the person :) Trashed
299 sotiris_ael WideHardo Trashed
298 elfidelfie if u c this i von ZULOL Trashed
297 dagaugl something with the musicbrainz api eShrug Unfinished
296 dagaugl bb movie which suggests a random movie from the imdb top 250 list Unfinished
295 theg00dguydan command where you type food in and you get calorie count Unfinished
294 sparkclouds2 bb Borpa Trashed
293 swaybread can you add like bb emotes 2 so i can see more emotes Finished
292 dagaugl add a forsen command for cancer x3 pepeLaugh Trashed
291 cheezeburgerstick ignore that guy Trashed
290 melon095 ratirlCoffee Point system. user gets points for winning trivia. then use those points in the store to lower or remove the cooldown of trivia. Finished
289 cheezeburgerstick eg Okayeg Trashed
288 melon095 4WeirdBusiness Crosswords bot Trashed
287 melon095 some trivia questions requires to show the answers to complete the trivia. If the question contains for example: 'which of these' then show the answers. forsenThink Finished
286 sotiris_ael THIS Trashed
285 melon095 trivia is still on cooldown show timer. Finished
284 melon095 trivia points score some kind of stats Finished
283 hotbear1110 there are still some issues when other people use bb channel join Finished
282 smuuuuuuuuurf create AI that chats in nymns chat so he thinks theres more people watching stream and he gets happy TrollGlad Trashed
281 alcoholic_gorilla delete trivia or i'll delete denmark Madge Trashed
280 melon095 emotesearch ffz bttv 7tv support Okayge Duplicate
279 hotbear1110 test the titlechange and gamechange at the same time with a shit ton of "names" Finished
278 sotiris_ael TriHard Trashed
277 hotbear1110 HotBear1110 nymnOkey are you decoding a full url ? Of not try using decodeuricomponent. Finished
276 hotbear1110 fix # in trivia Finished
275 sausey__ SUSSY Finished
274 sotiris_ael THIS Trashed
273 tepidp ac and acl Trashed
272 hotbear1110 fix uid for people with a number as a username Finished
271 fawcan add tic tac toe Trashed
270 karl_mn piss command NOkey Duplicate
269 hotbear1110 rl is broken Finished
268 tepidp add a timer to bb say like bb say in 10 s forsen Duplicate
267 hotbear1110 the bot doesn't work in my own chat Finished
266 hotbear1110 SUSSY bb emotes doesn't work for some reason Finished
265 lucas__kn i love u hotbear1110 yabbe1k Trashed
264 21mtd remove trivia FeelsAmazingMan Clap Trashed
263 kaserioxx add botbear to pewdiepie's channel TriHard Finished
262 hotbear1110 fix the response for bb uid when the id isn't found currently it just responds with your own name Finished
261 kaserioxx safetyequipment command(links to valkyrae quantum enginnered blue light reflective cream) Trashed
260 karl_mn piss command Finished oke
259 hotbear1110 look at all the api requests and make propper resoneses for errors Finished
258 hotbear1110 add so the trivia answer only has to be somewhat accurate maybe like 80%? Finished
257 tepidp make the spotify thing but with youtube elisYes Unfinished
256 hotbear1110 redirect http to https Trashed
255 hotbear1110 get a timestamp for the bots last sent message Trashed Dont need this anymore
254 hotbear1110 fix how emotes are checked for in the database I need it to check for both the id and name Finished
253 melon095 suck on THIS Trashed
252 hotbear1110 since the bot can identify emotes from additions/removals why not make it also count how many times they are used. the bot can currently tell how many times ffz/bttv emotes are used(which i assume is pulled from streamelements) but can't with 7tv. nymnDank kun's bot also feels unreliable for counting emotes so I guess that would be another reason to make it Trashed
251 durrrsen peepoTalk Trashed
250 sausey__ peepoTalkbutpeepoisnottalking ... Trashed
249 hotbear1110 testing THIS Finished
248 swaybread your latest added emotes are sometimes wrong Finished
247 swaybread make hints separate like old trivia please oh please Finished
246 emptyfjeld couldnt send that for whatever reason nymndank Finished
245 hotbear1110 fix banphrase check so it doesn't just use nymns/paja's uid and pajbot Finished People can now specify the api
244 hotbear1110 fix banphrase check so it doesn Trashed
243 melon095 this Trashed
242 dagaugl i meant snitch cmonbruh Trashed
241 dagaugl log every chat and then ditch cmonbruh Trashed
240 tepidp lick commands feelsdonkman nymnlick Trashed
239 tepidp add a lick emote nymnlick Trashed
238 hotbear1110 add so mods/broadcaster can change the delay of the trivia command Finished
237 hotbear1110 make the uri decode in to a tool instead of having is all in the trivia command Trashed
236 melon095 fix the %3a in trivia okayeg Finished
235 chillaximus end world hunger Trashed
234 sparkclouds2 add trivia with cooldown peepotalkbutpeepoisnottalking Finished
233 alcoholic_gorilla i suck your cock if you don't Trashed
232 melon095 trivia pog pog pogu Finished
231 durrrsen add trivia clueless Finished
230 melon095 piss command feelsgoodman Trashed
229 mrolle_ link in on github eshrug Finished
228 pulshly add roulette Trashed
227 chillaximus add dogege command now madge Finished
226 hotbear1110 add date to getvod command Finished
225 sausey__ trihard Trashed
224 melon095 trihard Trashed
223 tepidp iloveyou xqcl Trashed
222 sausey__ suck on these this Trashed
221 melon095 yourm0m Trashed
220 saketume change name of bot to "hoebear1110" Trashed
219 mrbarnabass add command to show the vaccination percentage of a country (both 1 dose and 2 dose separately) kinda like $corona feelsdankman Trashed
218 hotbear1110 look at response for emotecheck with emotes from korean names Finished
217 mrolle_ send out whisper with reply if a suggestion was denied/approved maybe a reason too 🤷🏻 Finished
216 mrolle_ bancheck see:{username}/get Trashed
215 sparkclouds2 add a borpa command now madge Finished
214 rexinus1 make "bb cum" print out "/me *cums*" omgscoots Finished
213 dagaugl add bb rrq bruh Trashed
212 dagaugl say that nani's channel doenst exist if someone wants the see the subage or something like that nymndank Finished
211 tepidp make the cookie thing a dm or something if too many people star using it here it's gonna be pepew xqcl Finished Done
210 mrbarnabass add a vibecheck dripcheck and wavecheck command Trashed
209 mrbarnabass :tf: spam Trashed
208 durrrsen add trivia clueless Finished
207 hotbear1110 look in to evensubs for better live notifications and for getting new followers Finished I do this now
206 mrolle_ namechange (alias nc) see Unfinished
205 ayyybubu "bb #number" to get the streamers name Trashed
204 hotbear1110 maybe try to translate this to js Trashed
203 hotbear1110 add so streamers can optout of command categories or just individual commands. and maybe add a "core commands" category Finished
202 hotbear1110 make the bot check for namechanges in streamerlist at startup Finished
201 hotbear1110 make the bot auto leave banned channels Finished
200 hotbear1110 auto leave banned/deleted channels Finished
199 smuuuuuuuuurf cookie reminder in whispers dinkdonk Duplicate
198 hotbear1110 do so you can disable the message when you do ?cookie Unfinished
197 hotbear1110 fix cookie status Finished
196 chillaximus fixa buggen Finished
195 hotbear1110 fix potential issue with timezone issue on the vodsearch command (there could be issues if the stream start time is close to midnight) Finished
194 emptyfjeld (test) Trashed
193 chillaximus kamelåså Trashed
192 hotbear1110 Trashed
191 durrrsen trivia clueless Trashed
190 treehunter_ balls Trashed
189 chillaximus this Trashed
188 21mtd bb spotify copege Trashed
187 hotbear1110 monkalaugh make comments for most code Unfinished
186 emptyfjeld bot kept giving me error when trying to suggest this Trashed
185 emptyfjeld #mande emotes and emotes removed thingies need to be looked at. on this channel it's showing that some emotes were removed ~20 seconds after they were added when they weren't Finished
184 hotbear1110 emotes are still broken for some reason Finished
183 swaybread 🖕 Trashed
182 swaybread :tf: Trashed
181 tepidp peepohug Trashed
180 hotbear1110 fix subage on the broadcaster Finished
179 alcoholic_gorilla make a command that allowes us to adjust the delay time on other commands Unfinished
178 hotbear1110 redo the help command Finished
177 hotbear1110 fix cookie status for when you register and can't eat a cookie Finished
176 pferdsen add trivia clueless Trashed
175 alcoholic_gorilla microsoft bill gates whoever the fuck fix your shit outtapocket Trashed
174 dfantasy being able to eat a cookie Trashed
173 releasedfromjailmate don't add peanut Trashed
172 releasedfromjailmate peanut Trashed
171 stephanbruh command to check in how many hours/minutes you can eat your cookie okayge Finished
170 hotbear1110 make a delay command to see delay of each command Finished
169 alcoholic_gorilla also dungeon mini game okaychamp Trashed
168 durrrsen add trivia clueless Trashed
167 sotiris_ael this Trashed
166 durrrsen add trivia clueless Trashed
165 durrrsen add trivia clueless hackingcd Trashed
164 hotbear1110 make a vod search command Finished
163 smuuuuuuuuurf fix emote on bb cum command 👍 Finished
162 smuuuuuuuuurf look at this Trashed
161 hotbear1110 look at bb removed and bb emotes Trashed
160 hotbear1110 add a ban feature so i can maybe get better rate limits Trashed I got better rate limits anyway, and i dont want the mod to be a moderation mod
159 tepidp make rl don't ping if the line has a chatters name Trashed
158 mrbarnabass get vip so bot can spam okayeg Trashed
157 tepidp make cooldown lower playmorrowindnowmadge Finished
156 hotbear1110 emote search for (bttv ffz and 7tv) different command for each or added variable (switch) Duplicate
155 hotbear1110 silent responses for notify commands Trashed
154 atoxiv cookie whisper/timer Finished
153 hotbear1110 maybe do a mass convertion command etc. Trashed
152 hotbear1110 use${channel}/chatters instead for masspings Finished
151 dany411 yourm0m Trashed
150 dany411 yourm0m Trashed
149 hotbear1110 look at bb test.js (user.emotes) Finished
148 hotbear1110 bb emotecheck poledoge Finished
147 rexinus1 trolldespair Trashed
146 0ut3 8ball command nymnokay Finished
145 hotbear1110 fix upload user on bttv emote uploaded by the streamer Finished
144 hotbear1110 change response on other peoples lists on bb myping list Finished
143 hotbear1110 add the pinglist to the add command if game is already in list Finished
142 hotbear1110 for bb vodtime do so it checks if the given time is during the live stream or not. also if it is on the same day Finished
141 hotbear1110 Finished
140 hotbear1110 either fix pings on the rq's etc. or just remove it so the space is fixed Trashed
139 hotbear1110 Unfinished
138 dany411 nothing lole im funny xd Trashed
137 hotbear1110 fix error with joining new chats Finished
136 hotbear1110 add a emote search Finished
135 sotiris_ael do this irl Trashed
134 bananasiayer_ add this Trashed
133 dagaugl please ffs add bb emotes Finished
132 dany411 bb vipcount Unfinished
131 21mtd bb accage return error if username has @ omgscoots Finished
130 21mtd fix "bb accage" response to "your account" or "'s" instead of " account" notsure Trashed
129 dagaugl add bb spotify ffs Trashed
128 hotbear1110 Fix issues with pinging streamers in rl etc. Finished
127 bananasiayer_ stop hosting it like randers lolw Trashed
126 dany411 :tf: @hotbear1110 Trashed
125 stephanbruh have forsenbb also work instead of bb ( forsenbb ping ) Finished
124 emptyfjeld "bb wifecheck" responds with "doctorwtf" Finished
123 sotiris_ael hotbear1110 do this irl Finished
122 hotbear1110 streamelements has a shit ton of api stuff: Finished
121 backous do random cock asciis in chat Trashed
120 treehunter_ sex Trashed
119 durrrsen add trivia Finished
118 hotbear1110 yeahbutbttv i guess i can look at supi's suggestions Trashed
117 dany411 fix the bot Trashed
116 sausey__ suck my fucking cock Trashed
115 hotbear1110 change how permissions are handled Finished
114 draterxd add command for the duration of the last game/category Finished
113 fluxenis rl fl lm commands are not needed in yabbes channels okayge Finished
112 shakalabakala_ doccbt Trashed
111 draterxd rl command shouldn't include channel name so it doesn't ping streamer every time it's called (if it's/can be called for other channel than current than maybe show which channel it is from) Finished
110 ayyybubu restore the soviet union Trashed
109 stephanbruh aliases Finished
108 hotbear1110 add a bb optout command Trashed
107 hotbear1110 make it so people can add their own banphrase link if they want to and also add a default panphrase link: Finished
106 mrbarnabass :tf: Trashed
105 0ut3 cock command okayge Finished
104 tepidp trollglad i love you hotbear1110 Finished
103 dagaugl bb emotes when? weirdchamp Finished
102 dagaugl add fa and sa weirdchamp Finished
101 hotbear1110 look at timeouts for commands Finished
100 hotbear1110 make a command for repeating the last bb say Unfinished
99 theg00dguydan more hugs weirdchamp Finished
98 releasedfromjailmate this hotbear1110 Trashed
97 releasedfromjailmate this hotbear1110 󠀀 Trashed
96 releasedfromjailmate this hotbear1110 Trashed
95 releasedfromjailmate this hotbear1110 󠀀 Trashed
94 releasedfromjailmate this hotbear1110 Trashed
93 durrrsen removing suggestions so people don't misuse it trollglad Trashed
92 quelt try to be more funny :) Trashed
91 sotiris_ael this Trashed
90 releasedfromjailmate stop being a useless bot Trashed
89 releasedfromjailmate Trashed
88 hotbear1110 fix ascii timeouts Finished
87 hotbear1110 start logging every username uid with permission level so i have a list of every chatter. (for mass ping prevention) Finished
86 alcoholic_gorilla better suggestions Trashed
85 hotbear1110 add permissions to users Finished
84 hotbear1110 test Finished
83 hotbear1110 test Finished
82 alicksu instant cum command Trashed
81 hotbear1110 test Finished
80 hotbear1110 test Finished
79 orange_bean this Trashed
78 hotbear1110 fix banned messages that aren't banphrases Finished
77 alcoholic_gorilla hotbear stop being danish Trashed
76 alicksu bb cum instantly Finished
75 dagaugl bb spotify weirdchamp Trashed
74 hotbear1110 add a channel variable for all the commands modcheck vipcheck rl fl lm etc Finished
73 hotbear1110 make so i can add commands quick with a new module Trashed
71 hotbear1110 try to make a vod command look at: and Finished
70 pewdiepie_bridge_9 cmonbruh Trashed
69 sausey__ billyapprove 69 nice Finished
68 sausey__ pphop filling disk space :tf: Trashed
67 dany411 :tf: nothing Trashed
65 hotbear1110 add a subage command{username}~1{channel}/get Finished
64 hotbear1110 make a new module for both 1 sec global cd and 30 sec same message Trashed
62 hotbear1110 make people able to change their going live/game/title emotes Finished
58 hotbear1110 move the username banphrase down under the command check Finished
56 hotbear1110 add the new commands to website Finished
55 vikeson fix this Finished
54 vikeson fix this Finished
52 hotbear1110 fix the pings on returns Finished
50 hotbear1110 make aliases Finished
48 hotbear1110 make bot able to bypass the twitch 30s same-message slowmode. Finished
46 hotbear1110 make bot able to adhere to global unchangeable 1 second slowmode. Finished
20 hotbear1110 add dynamic commands on Finished
19 stephanbruh allow people to check status of their suggestion Unfinished
18 hotbear1110 make global cooldown on bb say maybe Finished
17 hotbear1110 add a rq/rl module Finished
16 hotbear1110 fix suggest id's Finished
15 taste_u add skynet features pepea Trashed
14 dagaugl make it ban all other bots peepopog Trashed
13 dagaugl make it work in smuuuuuuuurf's chat Finished
12 hotbear1110 do costom live pings in other chat / in dm's Trashed
11 taste_u dinkdonk live notification for channels in any chat Trashed
10 hotbear1110 add a "proxy chat" for forsen's channel Finished
9 stephanbruh xqcl Finished
8 dagaugl recently added emotes feelsokayman Finished
7 hotbear1110 make a bb myping list command Finished
6 taste_u :tf: Trashed
5 dagaugl make forsenbb work Trashed
4 atoxiv i love you :3 Finished
3 dagaugl make forsenbb work Finished
2 hotbear1110 make help command! Finished
1 hotbear1110 TEST Finished