ID: User: Suggestion: Status: Description:
12 hotbear1110 The reason botbear is slow, seems to be something with the banphrase checks Unfinished
11 fawcan add a bb passwordcheck that lets us check how strong our passwords are peepoHappy Unfinished
10 francorz_ fix the bb cookie thing, is not notifying for !cookie it just say "I'll remind you" but it doesn't FeelsDankMan Unfinished
9 alazymeme why is the output of bb emotes and bb removed exactly the same? Unfinished
8 skidne76 bb suggest Unfinished
7 hotbear1110 look into why api request are slow Unfinished
6 hotbear1110 maybe look at searching for tags for booru Unfinished
5 fawcan Make a bb Looking for korean thumbnails Unfinished
4 alcoholic_gorilla disable trivia already 1110 Unfinished
3 fawcan Look at suggestions Okayge Unfinished
2 tutek_pojam remove the rem command and ban everyone who used it FeelsOkayMan Unfinished
1 fawcan Where's the bb Eula command ? Pointless Unfinished